Our Team  

Ratish Kumar Jha

Director & CEO


Today our business environment is marked by rapidly changing technology and we are proud of our reputation as a Concepts & Solution provider and innovator. I am extremely enthusiastic about the opportunities available to us for addressing our customers' requirements. We are investing heavily in our employees, internal processes and business systems so that we can be better prepared to serve our customers' needs. We are strengthening our existing core competencies as well as investing in the development of new capabilities to meet new requirements.

We continue to strive to be recognized as an employer of choice. We are establishing programs designed to attract and retain a highly-skilled and motivated workforce. Our people are our greatest asset and we take pride in maintaining a corporate environment that fosters professionalism as well as personal growth.

We like to think of ourselves as a customer-centric organization. Our business really is shaped by you, as we try to deliver what it is you need. At the heart of our approach is a fundamental belief in long-term relationships where both parties prosper. This is why ultimately, we measure our success by our customers successes.


Our Team Members


A team of young passionate vibrant dynamic professionals from different feilds are working toghter to achieve the best results from our projects. Team Work with in the professional design team, marketing team, execution team and client is imperative to achieve the best results from our projects. With Project always suggested so we can build on our working relationship and understand everyone's vision. From inception to completion we believe that team spirit will help increase speed, improve quality and reduce costs. We work, with a definite focus with an open minded and pro-active attitude.